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About Us


Yarbun Creations PTY LTD is a family-owned company that started when Uncle Steve seen his nephews and nieces taking a great interest in learning how to make and use products using Ghungalu and Yuwi traditional Aboriginal medicine. We also have a range of artefacts and the materials are sourced using traditional methods.


Our soaps are hand made using the finest ingredients we also include our knowledge of Aboriginal medicine into the soaps so they have a benefit for health and wellbeing.


Some of the ingredients that we use include gumbi gumbi, lemon myrtle, lemon scented gum and popular box essential oil distilled from local trees when conditions are right. Emu fat as this animal fats has certain medicinal qualities. We also have a vegan range of glycerine based soaps and our gumbi gumbi capsules are made with vegan capsules. 


Our soaps are also dyed using ochre which we gather and grind ourselves and the ochre also has medicinal qualities.


Some other ingredients that we use include Gumbi Gumbi, lemon myrtle, lemon scented gum and popular box ground dried leaf which acts as an exfoliant scrub.


Most eucalyptus leaf have anti-bacterial and anti-fungal properties and our soaps are hand wrapped in the Melaleuca paperbark.


We gather our ingredients from our home lands Ghungalu country and Yuwi country and love getting our hands and feet dirty collecting the items and getting back out on country. 


We gather our bark, ochre and wood materials from our home lands Ghungalu country and Yuwi country. Our knowledge has been passed down from generation to generation with each finding new ways to use a medicine, while still keeping the knowledge and the health benefits intact.

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