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Our clapstick are made from the Rosewood. Rosewood has a crisp and clear sound. We walk on country to gather our wood taking our time to select the right trees for the job. When then bring the wood home and create the wooden arefacts shaping and sanding while observing the beautiful grains in the wood.


When using the clapsticks if you hold onto them tightly it will make a clearer deeper sound andfor a lighter sound hold them loosley.

Rosewood Clap Sticks - small (kids size)

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  • These beautiful clap sticks are handcrafted from Rosewood from Ghungalu Country. 

    Each pair has a distictive and unique sound that echoes with the spirit of our Ancestors. Once you hold these in your hands and hit them together, you will feel the methodic rhythm of Country vibrate into your spirit.

  • Yarbun Creations will accept and refund returns on any wooden arefacts if the customer is disatified but the customer must return the product in 30 days of the sale and pay for postage costs.

    We are unable to accept refunds for any skincare products 

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