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Our capsules are  made with vegan cases.

In Ghungalu language Gumbi means woman.

Gumbi Gumbi also contains:

Saponins Aid the Immune System

Tannins Contain Antioxidant Properties

Phenols Can Prevent Long-Term Health Effects

Flavonoids Can Prevent Disease

Triterpenoids Contain Anti-Inflammatory Properties


Aboriginal people use this medicine for a range of different reasons for cold, flu’s, cancer, dermatitis, diabetes, heart disease, sores, infections, mastitis, eczema and many more reasons.


Gumbi Gumbi Capsules

  • Yarbun Creations will accept and refund returns on any wooden arefacts if the customer is disatified but the customer must return the product in 30 days of the sale and pay for postage costs.

    We are unable to accept refunds for any skincare products or Gumbi Gumbi products

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