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Ochre was an essential part of everyday life for all Aboriginal nations across Australia, with a wide variety of uses. We walk the country and gather our ochre from the orche beds sustainable by hand. We then grind the product ready for use. 

Ochre - 300g

  • Ochre was used for cosmetic and bodily adornment, to decorate ritual objects and hunting tools, and in rockart. Plus the pigment was central to the preparation of many medicines and remedies. 

    Our orchre come in purple, white, red or yellow. 

    Please specifiy your chosen orchre colour above.

  • Yarbun Creations will accept and refund returns on any wooden arefacts and Ochre if the customer is disatified but the customer must return the product in 30 days of the sale and pay for postage costs.

    We are unable to accept refunds for any skincare products 

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