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A beautiful blend of Tea Tree and Gumbi gumbi in a Vegan Glycerine based soap.

Tea Tree is known for the great benefit it has on the skin especially its cleansing and assisting with acne. It also assists in reducing skin inflammation. Tea tree belongs to the gum trees and has anti bacterial and anti fungal properties.

Gumbi gumbi was used by Aboriginal people for many reasons on the skin it helped with dermatitis,  heat rash, rashes and eczema. It was also used to help with skin cancers. The leaves of the Gumbi Gumbi tree were also used to help relieve mastitis.

Tea Tree, Gumbi Gumbi Vegan Soap

  • Yarbun Creations will accept and refund returns on any wooden arefacts if the customer is disatified but the customer must return the product in 30 days of the sale and pay for postage costs.

    We are unable to accept refunds for any skincare products 

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